What It Is

Trivia Night are often weekly events and will have an advertised start time, most often in the evening (or even multiple evenings).

While specific formats vary, most Trivia Nights depend on answers being written in response to questions which they themselves are written or announced by a Trivia-Master. Some may, or may not, be presented on a screen within the room (varies by venue).

Generally someone will come around with pens and trivia papers, which may contain questions, or may just be blank sheets (and/or score sheets) for writing the answers on. A mixture of both is common (score sheets and answer sheets), only the blank sheet is to be handed in (our format). Traditionally a select member of the team hands the answers in for adjudication to the Trivia-Master before the answers are revealed to all teams present (verbal and/or onscreen).

Scoring is kept as the game progresses; in our case, by both the Trivia-Master as well as each respective team.

Highest score at the end of the game (overall) wins (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc).
Prizes are then awarded to the winning team(s) in whatever denomination you chose for your establishment.
(Example: $30-1st Place, $20-2nd Place, $10-3rd Place for each winning team)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how Trivia Night works.
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